Men's Corporate Clothing

Our men’s corporate clothing collection has been chosen to meet the requirements of any office uniform; of course presentation is paramount along with durability and comfort. Many of our garments have a corresponding ladies item, please scroll down the page of the product you are interested in to find these listed under ‘related products’.

Please add any garments to your enquiry so we can tailor a quote for you. For further information please call us on 01844 220 500 or email

Click on a product below to view alternate colours and further information.

Men's Tailored Suit Jacket
Guide Price
£75.36 - £87.92

Men's Tailored Trouser
Guide Price
£33.93 - £39.58

Men's Long Sleeve Striped Shirt
Guide Price
£15.64 - £18.25

Men's Suit Jacket (CP60)
Guide Price
£76.43 - £107.00

Men's Suit Trouser (CP65)
Guide Price
£37.86 - £53.00

Men's Long Sleeve Striped Shirt
Guide Price
£13.86 - £16.17

PR765 Premier
'Colours' Fashion Tie
Guide Price
£5.99 - £7.62

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