samples faq's

Sample FAQ's

Do you provide samples?

We have a sample service so you can see the garments before you buy them. You simply need to download our sample request form, fill it out and pop it back to us.

Do you charge delivery to send out samples?

We don't charge to send samples out, however, you do need to return them at your own cost once you have had a chance to look and try the garments on.

Do I need to pay for my samples?

If you have an account with us we will raise an invoice for your sample order in the same way a 'normal' order is invoiced. We would then raise a credit once the items are returned, as long as they are sent back in the same condition they are supplied in. If you do not have an account with us you would need to pay for the samples before we send them out. You do not pay a delivery charge but you will need to return them back to us once you have finished with the samples. Once we receive the samples back we will refund the cost for those returned.

If I paid upfront for my samples how do you refund me when I return them?

As long as the samples are returned in the same condition as they were supplied we will raise a full credit and refund you using the same method you paid for them with.

Can I wash and wear the samples?

You can only try the samples on to see how the feel and fit. If you need to trial them and wash the garments we will not be able to take them back.

What if I damage or mark the samples?

If you damage or mark a garment in any way we are unable to refund that garment. We therefore recommend that you are careful when trying the garments on, especially with deodrant or make up stains.

Do I need to return the garments in the same packaging that they were supplied in?

Yes you do. Where possible please keep the packaging in tact and return the garments in the same packaging as supplied. All samples are taken from our main stock supply; if they are returned they will be used as part of another order, so we ask you to be careful with the samples.

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