product faq's

Product FAQ's

Are the colour swatches on screen exact?

Please note that colours on the web page are only a representation of the actual garment’s colour and only as accurate as the web design process allows. If you have any queries about product colours please call us on 01844 220 500 or email our sales team

How should I wash my garment?

It is very important to follow the wash instructions on the garments care label to maintain the appearance and life expectancy of your garment. Remember different fabrics have different washing guidelines so bear this in mind if you are washing a mixture of garments. 

Most of Corporate Wear's products are machine washable:

We usually recommend washing them inside out unless otherwise stated on the garment label.

Before washing close all zips, undo buttons, check pockets, and flatten out collars and cuffs.

Wash dark and light colours separately. Colour can rub off onto other garments if washes are mixed.

Keep garments of different fabrics separate when washing.

Wash garments frequently to prolong their life.

Wash at 30C where you can and think of the planet.

If a stain occurs please try and tackle it before it dries. Ideally remove any excess stain, but do not attempt to remove the stain unless you are competent to do so.

Care symbols and what they mean - 

These symbols will all be shown on garments care label.

Do Not Wash - Do not wash this garment.

Hand Wash- Hand wash this garment.

Normal Wash - Suitable for a normal machine cycle. The number in the symbol indicates the temperature of the wash.

Gentle/delicate Cycle - Wash the garment on a delicate/low spin speed cycle. The number in the symbol indicates the temperature of the wash.

Bleach Ok- You can safely use a cold, dilute solution of bleach.

Non-Chlorine Bleach- Only use non-chlorine, colour-safe bleach.

Do Not Use Bleach - Do not use bleach.

Ironing - The dots in the iron symbol indicate the temperature the iron should be. Three dots mean a high setting, usually cotton and linen. Two dots mean a warm setting, usually synthetics. One dot means a cool setting, usually silk. If there is a cross through the iron it means do not iron this garment. We usually recommend ironing on the reverse unless stated differently on the garment label.

Dry Clean- A circle with a letter in it, it means the garment needs to be dry cleaned. The letter is used by the dry cleaners to indicate what solvent to be used. P means any solvent except Trichloroethylene can be used. A cross through the circle means do not dry clean.

Tumble Drying- A square with a cricle in it refers to the tumble drying instructions. Two dots in the circle mean a warm setting, usually for cottons, can be used. One dot means a cooler setting, usually for synthetics, should be used. A cross through the circle and box means do not tumble dry.

If you have any queries about washing your products please call us on 01844 220 500 or email our sales team

Can I tumble dry my garment?

Please check the garments label carefully for tumble drying instructions. Refer to the information above about tumble drying symbols.

Knitted garments should not be tumble dried. They should be reshaped whilst damp and dried flat.

How can I check what fabric the garment is?

The fabric composition is shown on the product page of the website, in our brochure and on the label of the product. Where the product is a blend of fabrics the split is shown as a percentage. Please note the percentages are approximate and can vary slightly between batches.

Does my product come with wonderweb?

Any suit trousers that are unhemmed should come with a wonderweb pack; please check with our sales team if you are unsure. The pack will include iron on tape and instructions on how to self hem trousers easily to your required length.

How can I avoid garment shrinkage?

Excessive shrinkage is usually due to heat and major agitation during the wash cycle. Make sure you follow the wash instructions on the garment care label. Avoid tumble drying where possible, especially with 100% cotton garments.

Are colours consistent across different products?

Colours do vary across different brands and product types. A navy polo shirt may be a different shade to a navy sweatshirt from a different brand. Because of this we would recommend sticking to the same brand across all garment types if colour consistency is very important for your look. However, even within brands colours can vary across garments because of the different fabrics, so it is best to check with us if you have any concerns over colour.

How do I know what size to order?

Our products come in a wide range of sizes. Sizes vary across different products and brands, in a similar way that they can from one high street store to the next. For this reason we strongly recommend that you look at the size chart for the particular product you are ordering. If you are ordering more than one product make sure you check all size charts just in case they vary across the products.

All sizes shown on the product page are approximate. Whilst we make every effort to ensure a high standard of consistency, due to manufacturing limitations the specific measurements of garments may have slight differences to the size chart. There is usually a tolerance of 1-1.5cm either way from the measurements stated in the size charts.

It is important to measure all your staff members correctly to ensure you select the right sizes. You can follow our measuring guidelines below.

Remember the tape should be snug but not too tight.

Take body measurements and do not measure over your clothing.

Always order the garment to accommodate the largest body measurement.

Don't worry about allowing a few inches for movement in your garment, all our size charts take this into account by being size to fit measurements.

The right size for Women -

  • Bust - measure around the fullest part of your chest, under the arms and straight across the back
  • Waist - measue around the natural waistline, with the tape snug but not tight
  • Hips - measure around the fullest part of the body (usually 8"/20cm below the waist)
  • Skirt length - measure from below the waistband to the hem
  • Inside leg - measure fom the crotch to ankle bone (measure with your feet slightly apart) or you can always measure a favourite pair of your trousers

The right size for Men - 

  • Collar - measure around the base of the neck, where the collar sits
  • Chest - measure around the fullest part of your chest, under the arms and straight across the back
  • Waist - measure around the natural waistband, level with the top of your waistband, keep the tape snug but not tight
  • Inside leg - measure from the crotch to ankle bone (measure with your feet slightly apart) or you can always measure a favourite pair of your trousers

Can you add tax tabs to the garment?

Currently wWe can add tax tabs to some items with minimum orders, but are looking to extend this. Alternatively you can have the company initials embroidered on garments.

Are your garments tested to British standards?

Our products are produced to British, and in a lot of instances, international standards. The manufacturers we work with regulary test for pilling, shrinkage and colour fastness.

Do you have an ethical policy?

It is Corporate Wears policy to work with manufacturers and suppliers that protect and promote the health, safety and welfare of all staff involved in the production and supply of their garments. Read more about this here.

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