printing and embroidery faq's

Printing & Embroidery FAQ's

Can I have a logo on my clothing?

Yes, we can print or embroider all the garments and accessories (apart from footwear) we sell. Use our 'Add to Equiry' button, on each product page, to add the garments you like to your enquiry. Once you've finished shopping you can enter your print and embroidery requirements and upload your logo to your enquiry. All the information is then sent to us in order to produce a quote based on your needs.

Why aren't there set printing and embroidery charges?

Embroidery and printing prices vary from order to order and depend on a large number of factors.

For printing pricing depends on the logo design, the number of colours in the logo, the size and position of the logo, the garment being printed on and the quantity of prints. 

For embroidery pricing depends on the stitch count of the logo, which is determined by the size, shape and detail of the logo, and the number of garments to be embroidered.

Should I have printing or embroidery?

Part of this is down to your own personal preference, but once we have seen your logo we may recomment something different to what you may have wanted. There are several factors that can affect the choice between printing and embroidery, these include, the logo itself and how detailed it may be, the number of colours, the position on the garment, the garments fabric and the quantity. We'll always recommend the best method for your particular order.

Why do I need to pay set up costs?

There are set up costs for most embroidery orders and screen printing. These cover the cost of digitising the logo for embroidery or creating the screen for printing. This would only occur on the first order as long as subsequent orders use the same logo (design, size and number of colours). 

Can I make changes to the logo after is has been set up?

Once a logo has been set up for embroidery we can make slight changes to it, such as removing a tag line, making it slightly larger or adding more definition to a shape. If you need to make substantial changes to the logo then it would need to be set up again and an additional charge would apply.

Can I return printed or embroidered clothing?

Printed or embroiderd garments can only be returned if the wrong garments were supplied or the garments are faulty. If you ordered the wrong colour, size or style but this was approved on the sales order we are unable to take the clothing back.

Can I have my logo embroidered on the garment pocket?

The only way to do this is to have fully bespoke garments and unfortunately this involves quite high minimum orders. With stock items we can't get an embroidery frame into the pocket so the only options are to embroider on the pocket but this will pin it shut or embroider above the pocket. Most people opt for the latter and in our opinion this puts the logo at the right height. Alternatively you can always have the logo on the other chest.

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