Cycling & Track Sports Clothing

Our specialist range of cycling and track clothing is great for any team or individual who want kit that will aid their sports goals.

We only offer the best quality golf wear. Please add any items to your enquiry so we can tailor a quote for you. For further information please call us on 01844 220 500 or email

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PA035 Proact
Sports Socks
Guide Price
£3.93 - £4.58

SR170F Spiro
Ladies Sprint Top
Guide Price
£19.93 - £23.25

SR170M Spiro
Sprint Top
Guide Price
£22.79 - £26.58

SR171F Spiro
Ladies Sprint Pants
Guide Price
£13.21 - £15.42

SR171M Spiro
Sprint Pants
Guide Price
£14.21 - £16.58

SR174F Spiro
Ladies Sprint Training Shorts
Guide Price
£9.07 - £10.58

SR174M Spiro
Sprint Training Shorts
Guide Price
£9.93 - £11.58

SR178M Spiro
Zip Neck Trial Training Top
Guide Price
£12.36 - £14.42

SR180M Spiro
Micro-Lite Team Jacket
Guide Price
£19.93 - £23.25

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