case study one

Case Study 1 - Association of Royal Yachtsmen

Testimonial of Royal Yachtsmen:

We, the proud Association of Royal Yachtsmen who served in HMY Britannia during her commission between 1954 and 1997, have been given the privilege to return on board and work the parts of ship we are used to. Assisting the RYB Trust is a great pleasure for us old 'Sea Dogs'. 

Royal Yachtsmen Uniforms

To return to this magnificent vessel we had to show our respect for the 'Yacht and its history' and indeed the visiting Public alike, the latter who now enjoy this most attractive show piece of Scotland’s number 1 tourist attraction..

Searches of the web and trade publications looking for a company who could, not only provide smart working attire but also good quality social wear.

Having found a company to achieve the initial requirements we then needed someone who we could work with to get the 'branding' just right.

We required a Royal Yacht Crest customised for the Association of Royal Yachtsmen and a large ROYAL YACHTSMAN logo on the back of the Boiler Suits and White Tot Polo Shirts, as these items would be worn during our spells working on board. We then required casual wear but again with logos on the breast. All of these objectives were achieved and we are now in our third year of revisiting Britannia and showing off ‘our uniform’.

We can work on board during our annual visit looking smart, as if on Royal Duty and yet informing the visiting public that we are indeed former crew members and worthy of a story or two. At the end of the day we clean into White Tot Polo Shirt and relive the traditional Tot time.

Royal Yachtsman Embroidery

All of these clothing requirements were successfully accomplished with the full cooperation of Corporate Wear. They were extremely cooperative and tolerant of our needs during the design phase. We achieved correct and unique Branding to clothing that is in traditional context for its appearance on Britannia. More so it met with the total satisfaction and approval of the very proud Yachtsmen who wear the ‘Uniform’ with pride.

Corporate wear demonstrated their capabilities of working in a Customer Centred Design environment, listening to our requirements empathising with the difficulties, advising and guiding, where both were required and finally producing an excellent solution with high quality products. During all of the iterations of the design phase Corporate Wear provided full support with the branding and logo design, meeting the challenges with great alacrity, willingness and helpfulness..

We now return to Corporate wear on a regular basis for our members to add attractive work and casual wear to their wardrobe. During our annual return to Britannia, we all sport our Coporate wear with pride.

On behalf of the Association of Royal Yachtsmen we thank Coporate wear and congratulate them on a job well done or in nautical terms Bravo Zulu.

David R Rushforth

Social Secretary

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