Exhibitions: how to stand out from the crowd- 26 July 2015

Exhibitions: what to wear to stand out from the crowd

Exhibitions: what to wear to stand out from the crowd

What is is they say? You only get one chance to create a first impression. And that's why an exhibition is so important. This is your chance to shine and extol all there is about you and your company, so it's imperative you get it right. Not only that, you've got hours of enthusiastic banter and engaging conversation to make: you need to be prepared! 

  • What you need to wear – You need to think about the kind of impression you want to make and you need to be sure that how you and your team look reflect the nature of your brand but at the same time you don't want to dissolve into the melting pot of all the other businesses there. Can you afford to go big and bold in some way? Can you wear something eye catching yet professional and be approachable at the same time? I say yes!
  • Be bold –The fact is that all of us are always looking for something interesting at an exhibition. Your businesss itself is the most interesting bit: but you need to get that message across and direct people's attention to focus on you rather than your competitor. A simple way to do this would be to pick one of your brand colours, the brightest colour, and reflect that in your attire for the day. So it could be a bright polo shirt, or perhaps a vibrantly-coloured scarf or tie. If your brand allows, caps work very well and they come in a wide range of colours and styles. Think of your shoes too and if you can go bold with those, that will also make for an interesting talking point!
  • Be memorable – Having a strong message and clear brand identity will give you credibility; people will take you and your business more seriously and believe in the services or products you are selling. Make sure that all your clothing carries your brand's identity on it - you are a walking advertisement so wherever you can, make sure that people can recognise who or what you're a part of. This can work with suited and booted company representatives as well as the more noticeable polo-shirt brigade. We can create bespoke company ties  Logos can be either dye printed or woven into the fabric, and can be postioned wherever you'd like them. Matching suits can be a wonderful way to streamline your team. When aircrew walk through an aiport, they are suited and booted yet they turn heads. It doesn't have to be all garish colours and faddy games: presenting yourself as professionals is what is most important. 
  • Don't forget – People don't just see you coming from the front, they walk behind you too. This is a great opportunity for either a branded bag, or a printed polo shirt. One of the best ones I saw recently was a man from a social media company wearing a shirt on the back of which was printed "Are you following me?". Beneath that he printed his Twitter handle. At an exhibition you could add your company name and your stand number so people will know where to find you.
  • Be comfortable – And last but definitely not least, you've got to be comfortable. You'll be on your feet most of the day, and you're going to want to be as cool, calm and collected as possible. This means layers, breathable fabrics and a change of footwear. You'll find that you can be revitalised by a change of top, so treat yourself to a change of clothes too, even if it's just something you're planning to travel home in.


We've pooled many of our most-requested exhbition items, including promotional items as no exhbition is complete without those! And yes, I am looking forward to receiving my first request for a bright red cape (branded of course!). 


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Stay smart and cool this summer- 22 July 2015

Corporate Clothing this Summer

clothing for summer

Corporate Clothing this Summer

Summer is nearly here

Ah the English summer - such a challenge when it comes to knowing what to wear! One day it can be glorious sunshine, and the next, the clouds will open and drench us all. This does mean you need a mix of cool, breathable clothes for the warm days, and portable back-up rainwear too. But let's concentrate on the wonderful warmth of summer! You need head wear, short sleeves, breathable fabrics and something that's not too run-of-the-mill?

Summer Uniforms


Girl wicking polo shirt

  • Cooooool Polyester Polos - 

JC040 Men's & JC045 Ladies'

These are a summer essential as they're breathable so they're ideal for those of us who are on the go. They come in an endless rainbow of colours in matching men's and ladies' styles. Ideal for industries and groups such as leisure centres, sports teams, summer holiday clubs and hospitality.  


11195 T-shirt

  • Not just an ordinary T-shirt! - 

11195 Ladies & 11190 Men's 

These t-shrts are lightweight and ideal for warm summer days but the contrast adds a bit more colour and makes the t-shirt look more interesting than your average top. They also come in a range of colour combinations and you can of course add your logo or branding to really stand out. 

Huge selection of caps

  • Top 'o the morning - 

Men's and ladies' caps 

Let your brand be recognisable even from a distance: caps are perfect promotional gifts at events, and are especially a welcome freebie for customers on a hot day when they might not have brought their own head gear. They help team members be instantly recognisable too and are ideal for teams, staff days out and clubs.

SR182M sports tops

  • Get your body beach ready! - 

SR182F Ladies & SR182M Men's 

The best sports gear is lightweight and wicks sweat away from the body, it also dries quickly too.  These sports tops do that with an added bonus of looking good! They feel comfortable and are ideal for training and working towards that beach-ready body!


Hooded raincoat

  • For when the showers come - 

Unisex hooded raincoat 

Summers in the UK can be the best when the sun's out but you can guarantee that won't be all the time. These are essential for when the showers (or torrential rain!) arrives. They're unisex and of course can be branded too - a good idea for outdoor events.

If you’re unsure what’s right for your staff then give me a call on 01844 220 500 or email and I’ll help you find the perfect products to kit your team out and enhance your brand.

TOP 10 tips for a successful exhibition- 13 July 2015

TOP 10 tips for a successful exhibition 

TOP 10 tips for a successful exhibition

Do you dread them? Standing on your feet all day and desperately trying to attract people to your stand. Trying to make conversation? Getting sore feet? Hot and bothered and desperate for a cup of tea? It sounds horrendous doesn't it? BUT exhibiting is proven to have an excellent return on investment, if you get it right. 

According to reports, 81% of trade show attendees have buying authority: so 4 out of 5 people who walk past your stand could potentially be a customer. PLUS 48% of attendees say that face-face interactions are more valuable today than even two years ago, and 43% of those people believe this value will continue to increase.

(Sources: CEIR: The Spend Decision: Analysing how Exhibits Fit in The Overall Marketing Budget. CEIR: Change in Value over Next Two Years and Effects of the Great Recession and Online Media)

If exhibiting is part of your marketing strategy, consider these 10 tips to get the most out of it

  • Always make sure you take a team. Even if you are part of a small company, make sure there is a team (of eg family and friends) manning your exhibit: an unmanned stand equals lost sales and leads. You are going to need to have rest breaks to keep your enthusiasm and eagerness levels up.

  • Present the best image of your company you can - at an exhibition, you have a unique opportunity to go ahead and sell yourself  - people expect to see you looking your best. Make sure your team looks smart and a cohesive, friendly unit. Depending on your business, ensure everyone has matching suits and tiesbespoke ties are a nice touch too. If your budget doesn't stretch to matching suits, then consider scarves and ties that can immediately allow the onlooker to recognise you're part of the same company. Polo shirtsare a great option - consider having text across the back too, so that when you or a team member is wandering around the exhibition, people will know which company they are a part of (and you can include the stand number too!)
  • Attract people to your stand. Any exhibition goer will have been attracted to the stand that offers them something interesting... raffles and games always seem to go down quite well - buzzer games, splat the rat: we're all human and we all get a bit bored talking business all day - these tactics lighten the mood and allow people to relax a bit. And what a great conversation starter. What is there on your stand to taste, smell, listen to, watch or feel?

  • Keep your cool, or warm things up - depending on where your exhbition or event is, you're likely to need some layers to help you adapt. You can have your shirts all branded up and ready to go with a good strong message, but if you have to cover them up with wet weather gear, then you've got a problem on your hands. Consider printed or embroidered outerwear and fleeces too.

  • Get your enquiry sheets ready - it's not enough just to grab a business card if you're at a busy exhibition: you're going to need somewhere to make notes about who you've met... I've found it's best not to rely on memory alone!

  • Save some time and make them remember you: if you've collected business cards in a pile and are planning to sort through them all later, why not save yourself a job and connect with people on social media straightaway - they'll be impressed that you're so organised, and it will help raise their profile too - so get on Twitter or Facebook and have someone on the stand who can send a message out to say eg 'Great to meet xxx at the xx exhbition today' Also prepare your merchandise carefuly: what might people be in need of? A handy rucksack? Carrier bag? 

  • Get photographic evidence to remind yourself of who people are. if you can, grab a photo of them with you or members of your team: that way, you can then immediately upload it to social media with their permission and start your relationship. If you have some sort of interactive game on your stand, that's an easy premise for taking photographs. Check out the Meet Mr Holland campaign 

  • Direct visitors to your stand: another very good reason for taking a team with you: send team members around the exhibition with leaflets or flyers with something enticing on them: "Come to stand xx for your chance to win a FREE, comprehensive set of branded clothing" "Need some light relief? Come and play splat the rat for your chance to win xxxxxx'

eco stand washing machine

  • Your stand: the most expensive and complicated part of the whole exhbition: make sure your company message is clear and eye-friendly. Not too busy. Not too bare. Consider imagery of people: people do connect with people after all, but make sure that imagery is very high quality and professional. Consider something unusual but related to the business  - at an exhibition for white goods, the eco-friendly theme of these washing machines was emphasised with plenty of grass!

  • Take a spare pair of shoes: essential! 
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Do you really need to wear a tie?- 13 July 2015

To wear a tie or no tie? That is the question

To wear a tie or no tie? That is the question

I was listening the Radio 2 the other day and they were discussing ties: whether they should be banned completely. Whether it was completely conformist NOT to wear a tie. Whether wearing a tie instils confidence in someone’s ability.

It was all linked to the unfortunate incident where Forumla One driver Lewis Hamilton was turned away from the Royal Box in Wimbledon for not wearing a tie. I can’t quite understand why he couldn’t have borrowed a tie from someone, or sent one of his entourage to a local shop to buy one, but perhaps that’s just not what famous people do.

One of the interviewees said that he knows that pop groups prefer their managers to be dressed conservatively - it gives them confidence that their manager possesses a skill set that is different from their own.

Another interviewee declared that if your client wears a tie, then you should too.

They were discussing the fact that 20 years ago, most men in business would go to work in a suit and tie… and now industries have changed and we’ve become conformist in the other way so that we all go to work in t-shirts…!

Well, I for one am reassured by a health professional who looks smart and wears a tie. And for me, air crew should always wear ties. Any uniform looks smart with a tie. Personally, I think for events such as exhibitions or places where you’re representing your company, and when you're part of a group, having a tie that carries your company colours and branding helps you look smart, professional and part of a cohesive team.

We’d have been delighted to create a Formula One tie for Lewis’ Royal Box debut... he only had to ask!


Browse our selection of ties and scarves


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Corporate Clothing this Spring- 05 May 2015

Corporate Clothing this Spring

corporate clothing for spring

Corporate Clothing this Spring

Spring is finally here and we’re excited to pack away the bulky winter jackets and fleeces and get back into our spring digs. Most of us have clothing that we pull out from the back of the wardrobe at different times of the year, but often companies forget about the need for changes in their uniforms depending on the season.

I appreciate that kitting your staff out every three months with a new look isn’t practical or cost effective but if you pick a uniform that allows you to add the odd garment as the weather changes from the start, then you’re on the way to keeping your staff happy (and not sweating or shivering!) and looking great.

I’ve picked out a few styles which are perfect for company uniforms this Spring.

Spring Uniforms


SS120 Sweatshirt

  • Fruit of the Loom Lightweight Raglan Sweatshirts - 

SS180 Ladies & SS120 Men's

OK it’s not Summer yet and the heatwave hasn’t kicked in so you’ll still need something to keep the chill off. These great new styles from Fruit of the Loom are a perfect alternative to heavyweight sweatshirts you need in the winter months. They come in both men’s and lady fit and cover a huge range of corporate colours. Ideal to wear over a polo or t-shirt, and have embroidered with your logo. 

FR105 Rugby Shirt

  • Front Row Premium Superfine Rugby Shirts - 

FR105 Ladies & FR104 Men's 

If you’re after something that’s not too bulky and a bit different this Spring then why not opt for the new long sleeve rugby shirts from Front Row? They look great with a pair of jeans or chinos if you want something smarter. Add your logo to the shirts and make your team stand out! Check out our full range of leisure rugby shirts. 

925F Shirt

  • Russell Tailored Poplin Shirts - 

925F Ladies Capped Sleeve, 926F Ladies 3/4 Sleeve & 925M Men's Short Sleeve 

Shirts are a key part to many great uniforms. Poplin shirts that are a mix of polyester and cotton are perfect for the warmer months. Russell offers a superb range of easy care (sigh of relief) poplin shirts in both long and short sleeve options as well as ¾ for the ladies. The collection also includes standard fit styles for men and ladies.  

If you’re unsure what’s right for your staff then give me a call on 01844 220 500 or email and I’ll help you find the perfect products to kit your team out and enhance your brand.

Tips for Creating a Memorable Company Brand- 21 April 2015

Tips for Creating a Memorable Company Brand

Does your brand stand out

Tips for Creating a Memorable Company Brand

This month we’ve already looked at the advantages of creating a corporate brand for your company and seen which are the strongest brands in the UK right now, so I thought a great follow up to this would be to provide you with some tips for a creating a memorable brand.

Nowadays most brands are aiming for continuous engagements with their consumers. Businesses realise how important brand loyalty is for them to grow, especially in today’s market where you can find pretty much anything you want on the internet. A truly great brand can increase sales, confidence and create a lasting relationship with their clients.

Things to think about when Creating your Brand


  • Target audiencethink about who your target audience is and create your brand around them. If you try to please everyone chances are you will fail. Even if your product or service can be used by everyone, it is far easier to market to a niche group, at least in the very start. Once you have your target market, get to know and understand them; find out what’s important to them and how you can help them.

  • Streamlined corporate image – keep your corporate image consistent so people can easily recognise your brand. Have a clear and streamlined logo and corporate colour(s) and make sure it is used correctly in all of your marketing material, whether this is your company brochure, website or staff uniforms.

  • Consistent message - keep repeating the message of your brand, consistently and frequently, so people become familiar with your company and its vision. If you want your brand to portray quality and reliability make sure everything associated to the brand depicts this. Give your brand a personality and incorporate this into everything you do, from your website to your customer service.

  • Uniqueness – focus on what makes your brand unique and how you will stand out from your competitors. Use this in your marketing so people start to appreciate and remember what makes your company special.

  • Personal – it’s relatively easy to setup an e-commerce website and put a load of products on there and hope people will buy, but are you missing the human element? Make your brand open and inviting and people will want to interact with you. Give your brand a personal level and you’ll be able to start conversations with your customers and build relationships.


Hopefully the tips above will help you on your journey to create a brilliant and memorable corporate brand. We believe having the right corporate image is essential for a growing company and we love working with companies who want to improve theirs. Contact us for a chat about your company’s corporate clothing needs and see how we can help you stand out.


What brands stand out for you? Memorable corporate brands - 08 April 2015

What brands stand out for you? Memorable Corporate Brands

What brands stand out for you? Memorable Corporate Brands

In our previous blog article we looked at the importance of corporate branding and how it can have a huge impact on the growth of your business. I picked out some of the key benefits of developing a powerful corporate brand; for a recap read the article Corporate Branding – Why You Shouldn’t Ignore It.

Popular Brands

We can all reel off a list of popular brands without having to think about it too much, and I bet as you say each of their names you automatically bring to mind their logo, tagline or company images associated with each one. That’s how influential corporate branding can be.

What are the triggers for the brands in your list? It may be trust and reputation, how popular and trendy the company is right now or whether you own one of its products or services. Regardless of the reasons for your list all of the corporate brands you think of are easily identifiable. Businesses work hard at making sure you remember them and pick them over their competitors. Don’t be afraid to promote your logo and tagline. Create a company image that sets you out from your competitors. Be seen by your customers!

When I thought about some of the top corporate brands I know the list included Apple, Google, McDonalds, Virgin, Amazon, Royal Mail, Facebook and Coca Cola; quite a mix of different industries. You can easily recall their logos, products and services, and possibly adverts they have released (Coca Cola Christmas TV adverts), their premises (McDonalds restaurants) or staff uniforms (the postie!).


Market analysts Superbrands commissioned independent research to identify the UK’s strongest brands for consumers (B2C) and businesses (B2B), which was published in March this year. The lists make for some interesting reading.

British airways was ranked top for both consumers and businesses. Both Cadburys and Marks & Spencer lost their place from the list this year. M&S has been on the list since 2009, and to make things worse their rival John Lewis re-entered this year in sixth position for consumers, after not appearing on the list since 2012.

Virgin made its way into the consumer list this year and stayed in the business list but moved up from ninth to third.

Surprisingly social media giants Facebook and Twitter still fail to make the list and Google dropped from seventh to 18th place. However, Apple climbed four places from 14th to 10th and Microsoft also rose from sixth to fourth, so it’s not all doom and gloom for tech firms.

We were also shocked to not see Amazon in the top 20 for both lists. The online retailer was 13th in 2014 on the consumer list. Dyson and Fairy were new to the list this year – are we doing more cleaning!

Consumer Superbrands 2015

Business Superbrands 2015

1. British Airways

1. British Airways

2. Rolex

2. Apple

3. BBC

3. Virgin Atlantic

4. Microsoft

4. Microsoft

5. Nike

5. Visa

6. John Lewis

6. MasterCard

7. Gillette

7. Google

8. Mercedes-Benz

8. FedEx

9. Kellogg’s

9. IBM

10. Apple

10. Samsung

11. LEGO

11. Johnson & Johnson

12. Andrex

12. BT

13. Boots

13. Rolls-Royce Group

14. Dyson

14. American Express

15. Coca-Cola

15. Royal Mail

16. Fairy

16. PayPal

17. BMW

17. BP

18. Google

18. Shell

19. Häagen-Dazs

19. Bosch

20. Virgin Atlantic

20. Boeing

Let me know your thoughts on the corporate brands above and what you think is key to getting your company on a list of the most memorable brands.

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Corporate Branding – Why You Shouldn’t Ignore It- 25 March 2015

Corporate Branding – Why You Shouldn’t Ignore It!

Corporate Branding – Why You Shouldn’t Ignore It!

Creating a unique, suitable and streamlined corporate brand has made many companies very successful. Just think of Microsoft, Disney, Coca Cola and Virgin. Whatever their industry they know the importance of creating a corporate brand that is easily remembered and makes them stand out from their competitors.

Corporate branding isn’t simply about creating a new logo, choosing a colour scheme and ordering a new glossy brochure. Corporate branding can help to create a long term vision for a company. It can be used to implement goals and beliefs for employees and position your business as a leader in its field.   

Still unconvinced? We’ve created a list of some of the top benefits of having a corporate brand

  • Shows a commitment to presenting your business as a leader in your field – investing the time to create a brand shows your customers you are serious about your products and services and are here for the long haul.
  • Increases awareness about your product or service – whether your logo is featured on billboards, in magazine articles, on the side or vans or on your staff clothing, all of these situations will remind potential customers about your company. You’ll be at the forefront of their mind when it’s time for them to invest in your product or service. 
  • Creates credibility for your product of service – having a strong message and clear brand identity will give you credibility; people will take you and your business more seriously and believe in the services or products you are selling.
  • Familiarises consumers with your product or service – customers will start to recognise your company when they see your logo and brand, especially if it is appearing across multiple domains.
  • Creates brand loyalty – creating a strong and clear brand identity will not only increase awareness of your business but people are more likely to remember you and return as repeat customers and recommend you to people they know.
  • Makes you stand out from your competitors – having a memorable corporate image and brand which really encompasses the vision of your business will make you stand out from your competitors. Potential customers are more likely to remember you over a competitor and give you their business.
  • Employees will feel part of a team – creating a strong vision for your company and portraying this to your staff and making them part of the community will create a workforce that feel united.
  • Increases staff morale & productivity – employees that feel part of a committed and growing team will feel more positive about their job. It’s likely they’ll feel happier in their role which in turn will make their work more efficient and productive.

A strong and professional brand will build and maintain positive customer opinions and recognition for your company. Don’t let your company blend into the background. Create a corporate brand to help your business grow.

Share your experiences - leave a comment below and tell us what you found important when creating your corporate brand.

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Competition time!- 25 February 2013

Dont forget we're running a competition on Facebook to win a sample product pack suitable for your industry. It's really simple - just like us and fill out the poll on our Facebook page for a chance to win. Facebook page

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Exhibitions & Promotions- 20 February 2013

With so many fantastic exhibitions to choose from to showcase your business we thought we would create a page on our site to help those looking for inspiration for the best products to promote themselves and stand out from the crowd. None of us can afford to underestimate the value in being remembered at an exhibition, afterall that's why you spent as much time and money as you do preparing for the show! We've got a collection of the best products for your staff uniforms and for those all important free give aways on our Exhibitions page 

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