Christmas Jumpers!- 24 November 2015

Christmas jumpers

Christmas jumpers

Christmas is nearly here! Festive jumpers available now from £15.99 + VAT.

Cosy festive jumper

Cosy festive jumper with festive stocking design

From £15.99 + VAT

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Stag nordic jumper


Ideal for winter: with a nordic stag design

From £15.99 + VAT

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snowman jumper

Cost festive jumper with a snowman design

From £15.99 + VAT

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pudding christmas jumper


Warm Christmas pudding design

From £15.99 + VAT

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rudolph jumper

Fun festive jumper with reindeer design

From £15.99 + VAT

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Christmas tree design

From £15.99 + VAT

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Elf jumper

Elf jumper

From £15.99 + VAT

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Our top 5 Christmas gifts!- 24 November 2015

Our top 5 Christmas gifts!

Does your brand stand out

Our top 5 Christmas gifts!

Something thoughtful? Something they'll love? It's hard to think about what someone will want for Christmas. BUT there are a few things that can be given in total confidence...

After all, you can NEVER have enough comfy pants, stylish ties, colourful onesies (with a loving Christmas message on them?), warming beanies, and everyone can find a home for a funky Christmas jumper!

And on most of these items, you can write something funny, loving, crazy or even BRANDED if you'd like to!

Most popular gifts!


  • Gildan boxer shorts

    Pants!yes, pants. It's cliche but a good set of comfortable pants are a brilliant present. And they don't have to be boring! If you decide to give them in a more corporate sense, then you can of course brand them; or perhaps you'd be interested in something tongue-in-cheek? It's up to you! These pants can be printed or embroidered, we just need to make sure it's within the space available!

  • Nordic beanieHats and beanies – when a cold wind blows and the temperatures drop, your gift will be well worn and welcomed. Printing and embroidery is available and they come in a wide range of styles and colours

  • Christmas jumperChristmas jumpers – they only come out once a year but everyone loves a good Christmas jumper don't they? I don't know about you, but I always think of Mr Darcy in Bridget Jones... nothing wrong with that! Some of the jumpers can be personalised too, with a name or short message or even branded if that suits your purpose.

  • Children's onesieOnesies– ah the good old onesie! It's a failsafe; there are few things more relaxing than chilling out watching Christmas films after a slap up Christmas lunch. These come in a wide range of colours, for both children and adults, and you can also personalise or brand them as you'd like. Let us know what you'd like to do and we can work together to create the perfect Christmas gift!

  • Silk tiesTies – they're a bit like earrings - you can never really have enough of them apparently! We've got a wide range available and yes, you can personalise them or brand them if you'd like to. We often get asked for something subtle when it comes to embroidery because they make a great gift.

  • Canvas caseBags & cases – ok, so it's meant to be top 5 but I wanted to squeeze this one in too! So handy and this isn't my favourite phrase but there is 'something for pretty much everyone'! IPad cases, and holders, padded wallets for digital media, make up cases, personalised laptop cases - we've all got them and these can be embroidered or printed with whatever you like. These are great corporate gifts, but personalise them and they can also be thoughtful gifts for friends and family.


If you'd like any of these gifts in time for Christmas, please contact me now for a chat about what you need.


What are the best positions for branding on clothing?- 11 October 2015

What are the best positions for branding on clothing?

What are the best positions for branding on clothing?

One of the most commonly asked questions we’re asked is ‘where is the best position for branding on clothing?’. So here goes; this is the 101 to brand positioning!

  • Left chest – This is the most common spot to position your logo as people are used to seeing logos here and it works well for corporates who don’t want a huge logo splashed across the front. It’s subtle yet effective and usually works well with zips and buttons on clothing such as polos, shirts and fleeces. If there is a pocket on the left chest position, we advise printing or embroidering the logo just above it.

  • Right chest – This position is definitely not as common as the left chest but of course, it can be done! It works for those who would like a name or job role included and also if there are two logos - one on the left chest and one on the right. Most chest logos are around 9cm wide but, depending on the logo, it is possible to go a lot smaller to say, 3cm wide, or larger to around 12cm wide.

  • Sleeves – Printing or embroidering your logo on the sleeve is another option if you have two logos, such as a sister company or a logo of an association you are a member of. You may also want to personalise your clothing even more with one on the left chest as well as the right sleeve. This position works for most tops including polo shirts, t-shirts and tunics. It is usually a few inches from the bottom of the sleeve and can also work for long-sleeve items like fleeces or hoodies, where it will be in roughly the same position as it would on the short sleeve.

  • Upper back/across shoulders – For maximum logo exposure or just a little more personalisation, a logo can also be repeated on the upper back area. Want to include your website address or motto? This is the place. Clothing made for events or for a big product/business launche often make use of this position. We advise print rather than embroidery here to keep the costs down and also to allow for the larger size - the max embroidery width is 22cm whereas the print is 35cm. Another more subtle option for the back is to go for the same size logo on the left chest and repeat this just under the nape of the collar. This is ideal for embroidery and if you are personalising fleece, embroidery is your only option.

  • Lower back – If you would like to include a punchy tagline or motto, the lower back is also a great spot. This is usually a print and can be done on most garments, whether it's a t-shirt, jacket or hivis vest.

  • Legs – If you’re looking for personalised clothing for clubs or societies, down the leg on tracksuit bottoms or joggers is a popular option. Go for the club name or individual names and surnames and ask that they are printed for maximum effect. For cargo pants or workwear, embroidering logos above the back pocket or just below the waist pocket on one leg really reinforces the company's image and looks very professional and smart.

  • Caps and beanies – You can print or embroider on caps or beanies - our choice would be to embroider as this tends to be most effective. Logos, nicknames, websites or mottos all stand out well and you can choose the front, back, sides or a combination. For caps, remember the space on the back is smaller due to the semi-circle above the fastening.

If you'd like any further advice, please get in touch!



Why it’s important to consider the reverse colour when designing your logo- 11 October 2015

Why it’s important to consider the reverse colour when designing your logo

logo reverse colour

Why it’s important to consider the reverse colour when designing your logo

In a previous blog article we looked at what you should consider when coming up with your logo, and how some of the best big brands do it. Could their success be partly down to their logo? You bet! And you can also bet that they considered the flexibility of their logo. Companies will usually have strict guidelines for using their logo, but they realise that having a white background isn't the only way their logo will need to be used.

Common logo problems

We are often sent logos to print or embroider onto our shirts, t-shirts, aprons, caps and so on, but encounter problems when there is just one colour option and this colour doesn’t work with the desired fabric colour. For example, if the logo is dark red and a dark blue polo shirt is chosen, the logo won't stand out so well. Similarly, if a logo is made up of multiple colours and they don’t work well with the uniform colour; it’s always a shame if there is not a single colour version of the logo.

How to make your logo stand out

The easy solution to make your logo stand out no matter the background colour, is to have logo and brand design guidelines that take into account these challenges. A reverse colour option should always be considered - this means that if your logo is predominantly red and black and needs to go against a dark background, having an option where the dark colours are swapped for lighter colours or even white will work.

If you have lots of colours in your logo, it’s wise to have a single colour option too just in case the different colours don’t work on the background colour. Yes, most of the branding we all consume is on screen in full colour but personalising corporate wear is a great example of how your logo guidelines need to be flexible and well thought out. Other examples include engraving logos, etching them on glass, printing them on receipts in black and white, seeing them in newsprint - not all of these allow for full colour.

Everyone wants their branding to stand out; consider these points when working out how your logo can be used.

What to consider when conceptualising your logo 

  • Will my logo work on a dark or a light background?
  • Have you considered the reverse colour option?
  • Have you got a single colour option for certain circumstances?
  • How versatile is my logo?
  • How memorable is my logo?
  • Will it age well? Or will it look out of date?
  • Is it clever (and simple) or does it look too abstract?
  • Will it appeal to my target audience?
  • How will it look online through my website and marketing?

If you'd like any further advice, please get in touch!



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Name these brands!- 11 October 2015

Name these brands!

Name these brands!

To illustrate just how important and how effective a logo can be, we’ve put together some of the most iconic logos below. How many of them can you recognise?

You'll find the answers here!

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Creating a company logo - text or image?- 01 October 2015

Creating a company logo: Text vs Image

Creating a company logo: Text vs Image

Getting your logo right is up there with the most important building blocks of any business. In weeks, months and years to come, you want your business to stand out from the crowd and a logo is one of the essentials when it comes to establishing your brand. But how to choose the design of your logo? Should you go for text or an image? Here are some pointers to help when deciding on your company logo.

Your brand image

Investing in a logo design can be one of the best investments you will make. A solid corporate identity builds trust with potential clients/customers and creates a sense of professionalism. It’s worthwhile seeking the help of a graphic designer or brand agency but before you do so, think long and hard about your brand - your vision for it and what it stands for - you will want your logo to represent your business’s core values.

Should you choose a text logo?

Think of Google, Samsung or Cadbury’s - all of these big brands use text logos. The advantage here is that these logos, and generally all text logos, are easy to recognise and do not rely on interpretation. The name of the company is easy to remember and find out more about. Text logos are often the best option for companies in the early stages of establishing themselves as it’s likely that they will achieve brand recognition quicker than an abstract symbol. You want your name to be instantly recognisable, and not reliant on the client/customer knowing the business’s back story or using their own imagination. And don’t worry about text logos being boring - there is so much that can be done with font colour, size and style - just make sure that what you end up with is easy to read. I’ve often seen text logos that are tricky to work out (perhaps fancy cursive writing) and there’s nothing more frustrating.

Should you choose a symbolic logo?

Apple, Twitter, Nike and WWF - these companies have iconic and symbolic logos. It’s probably everyone’s dream to have a logo like apple; no matter where you are in the world it is instantly recognisable as the Mac giant. Symbolic logos open a world of creativity to you and can be superb when working internationally. They can be simple but hugely effective and especially for a creative company; they allow you to flex your creative wings. The right abstract logo will be easy to remember, will trigger curiosity and imagination and leave room for interpretation which could suit you if you are offering more than one service or product.

Whatever you choose, make sure your logo leaves a lasting impression on your clients, that it works on different colour backgrounds and can be used in all situations, whether on a letterhead, website or T-shirt.

If you'd like any further advice, please get in touch!



Breathable fabrics- 09 September 2015

The rise of breathable fabrics!

Breathable fabrics

The rise of breathable fabrics

There’s no escaping the fact that everyone sweats; or rather, men sweat and ladies perspire! And all of us want to stay fresh and comfortable all day long.

I’ve seen a slow but sure change of behaviour from many clients. Traditionally poly-cotton polos and fleeces were the favourite choice; it’s a combination that suits so many different industries from leisure to farming. But now, those industries and many more besides, are opting for breathable fabrics.

After all, if you have the choice of staying cooler and more comfortable for longer, whatever profession or activity you’re involved in, you would, wouldn’t you?

So over the last two years, I’ve seen a surge of interest in breathable tops, jackets and shirts. People who work in art galleries, for example, tend to be on their feet all day, charity workers too, hospitality, construction, manufacturing; the list goes on!

Breathable polyester and moisture wicking fabrics

Polyester has come a very long way! And now there are many variations, with blends that offer varying degrees of moisture wicking as well as antibacterial properties.  Polyester holds onto about 0.4 percent of moisture, whereas cotton holds onto 7 percent. Wicking fabrics are woven so that moisture is forced through the gaps and is wicked to the fabric surface so that it can evaporate more easily. 

  • Polos – The more breathable option for polos are polyester and polyester/cotton mix polos. Polos such as this DryBlend polo shirt are designed to wick away moisture from the skin; allowing the wearer to stay dry and cool. I really like these 

  • SoftShell Jackets – If budgets allow, these soft shell jackets are smarter and more popular than fleeces. Some are also waterproof which is very useful; it means you don’t need a fleece plus another waterproof layer in order to keep dry. I think they look so much more stylish too.

  • Breathable Shirts And one of my favourite recent developments is breathable shirts. These moisture wicking shirts only became available last year and they are brilliant. They look smart and they keep you cool and comfortable; ideal for hospitality, whether it's a restaurant, hotel or cafe. Just take a look

Breathable hats... to top it all off!

Hats in hot or cold weather are a must, whether they’re for protection or insulation. BUT try to wear a hat made of non-breathable material for a long time and you end up uncomfortable and with a serious case of hat hair!

Traditionally, the ‘breathable’ option was cotton, but cotton doesn’t wick away moisture so well. The good news is that some new fabrics can help conceal perspiration and are more pleasant to wear. 

  • Breathable caps – If you wear a cap already, consider changing to a breathable one. These look great and have brilliant wicking properties, and just imagine what that can do for hat hair.


Contact us for a chat about your company’s corporate clothing needs and see how we can help you stay cool, calm and collected.


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Back to school; back to work- 24 August 2015

Back to school; back to work

Back to school; back to work

Back to school; back to work

September inevitably brings with it a back-to-school feeling. It signals the end of the holidays; the end of summer… and so while it’s the end of one phase of the year, it’s the beginning of the next!

So new school uniforms are the talk of mums everywhere. The children are excited about wearing their new school stuff: they're getting out their new stationery sets, and are itching to wear their new kit. If they're doing it, then why not you too?

Get back to work and give yourself a lift by turning up in your smart new outfits!


Back to nursery and preschool

Children's polo shirts

For people working in nurseries and preschools, you’ll be embarking on your new term along with your wards.

Teachers and keyworkers have a tough job and need a uniform that will be durable, and that will wash well. We have polo shirts, t-shirts, fleeces, windbreakers and gilets that will suit that purpose very well. In fact, we’ve dedicated a whole section to that industry!

And children too – many preschools and nurseries offer their pupils t-shirts and jumpers or fleeces that carry the nursery logo. Again, these need to be hardwearing and infinitely washable!


Teachers back to schoolBack to school teachers

One tip I read recently on coping with going back to work struck me: we only have a certain amount of energy to put into things. Why not take out the effort required for choosing an outfit every day?

We waste a lot of time comparing ourselves with others, and a uniform for staff helps eliminate that waste. Teachers at schools don’t just dress to look professional, they know that their outfits will also come under scrutiny from pupils too – what a challenge!

We can help you choose a uniform for your teachers either for day-to-day wear, or for events such as sports days or parent teacher evenings.

Back to universityFlannel pants

Is it just me or did lecturers wear whatever they wanted to wear at University?!

But then there are the campus staff, and people who need to look like they are official representatives of the university. Branded polo shirts and fleeces are a very easy and simple way to do that.

And of course there are the students too: clothes for both sets of people need to be durable and very easy to wash. We have a range of varsity wear as well as very funky flannel pants!

Back to workCampania Ladies Long Sleeve Striped Shirt

Those emails and phone calls are waiting for many of us in abundance after the holiday period. And for many, it’s hard to get back into it.

Motivating yourself into work mode can be helped by feeling ready for the role. What will you be wearing? What will your team be wearing?

From suited and booted, to site workwear, we can make sure everyone is fit for purpose!

Making a first positive step to getting everyone looking the part, whether at work, school or university, will help you feel ready, and help your team feel ready for the challenges ahead.

We have such a large range of workwear that it would be a long old blog if I tried to list them here. But please do search our website according to industry to find the clothing that we have selected to suit your needs.

And if you can’t quite find what you’re looking for, then please do pick up the phone 01844 220 500 or email me for some advice.



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Healthcare tunics back by popular demand!- 24 August 2015

Healthcare tunics back by popular demand!

Newton, Tonia, Darwin and Florence tunics are back!

Healthcare tunics back by popular demand!

We're delighted to have these tunics back! These are our best-selling and popular Florence, Darwin, Tonia and Newton tunics which we weren't able to supply for some time. Now, however, they're available once more!


Florence healthcare tunic

This popular range comes in a wide range of colours and is very durable.

Darwin mens healthcare tunic

This range is the men's version of the Florence tunic. It comes in a wide range of colours and, just like the Florence, is very durable.

Tonia healthcare tunic

  • Tonia Classic Ladies tunic - 

The stylish Tonia is another popular tunic. It comes in a wide range of colours, and is ideal if you are after something a little different.

Newton mens healthcare tunic

The Newton mens' tunic is the tunic of choice for dentists, healthcare and vets.


If you'd like one of these incredibly popular tunics, please do email us or call 01844 220 500 and we'd be delighted to help you with your order.


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10% off your next order- 03 August 2015

10% off your next order

10% off your next order with our referral scheme

10% off your next order

WOULD you like 10% off your next order? Then take part in the Corporate Wear referral scheme - all you need to do is refer a business to us and once they have ordered, you'll receive a discount code.

All you have to do is email us the referred client details, so name and business. If they'd like us to get in touch with them,  supply contact details too.

When they put an order in, we'll email you the discount code!


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