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Do you really need to wear a tie?- 13 July 2015

To wear a tie or no tie? That is the question

To wear a tie or no tie? That is the question

I was listening the Radio 2 the other day and they were discussing ties: whether they should be banned completely. Whether it was completely conformist NOT to wear a tie. Whether wearing a tie instils confidence in someone’s ability.

It was all linked to the unfortunate incident where Forumla One driver Lewis Hamilton was turned away from the Royal Box in Wimbledon for not wearing a tie. I can’t quite understand why he couldn’t have borrowed a tie from someone, or sent one of his entourage to a local shop to buy one, but perhaps that’s just not what famous people do.

One of the interviewees said that he knows that pop groups prefer their managers to be dressed conservatively - it gives them confidence that their manager possesses a skill set that is different from their own.

Another interviewee declared that if your client wears a tie, then you should too.

They were discussing the fact that 20 years ago, most men in business would go to work in a suit and tie… and now industries have changed and we’ve become conformist in the other way so that we all go to work in t-shirts…!

Well, I for one am reassured by a health professional who looks smart and wears a tie. And for me, air crew should always wear ties. Any uniform looks smart with a tie. Personally, I think for events such as exhibitions or places where you’re representing your company, and when you're part of a group, having a tie that carries your company colours and branding helps you look smart, professional and part of a cohesive team.

We’d have been delighted to create a Formula One tie for Lewis’ Royal Box debut... he only had to ask!


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