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Breathable fabrics- 09 September 2015

The rise of breathable fabrics!

Breathable fabrics

The rise of breathable fabrics

There’s no escaping the fact that everyone sweats; or rather, men sweat and ladies perspire! And all of us want to stay fresh and comfortable all day long.

I’ve seen a slow but sure change of behaviour from many clients. Traditionally poly-cotton polos and fleeces were the favourite choice; it’s a combination that suits so many different industries from leisure to farming. But now, those industries and many more besides, are opting for breathable fabrics.

After all, if you have the choice of staying cooler and more comfortable for longer, whatever profession or activity you’re involved in, you would, wouldn’t you?

So over the last two years, I’ve seen a surge of interest in breathable tops, jackets and shirts. People who work in art galleries, for example, tend to be on their feet all day, charity workers too, hospitality, construction, manufacturing; the list goes on!

Breathable polyester and moisture wicking fabrics

Polyester has come a very long way! And now there are many variations, with blends that offer varying degrees of moisture wicking as well as antibacterial properties.  Polyester holds onto about 0.4 percent of moisture, whereas cotton holds onto 7 percent. Wicking fabrics are woven so that moisture is forced through the gaps and is wicked to the fabric surface so that it can evaporate more easily. 

  • Polos – The more breathable option for polos are polyester and polyester/cotton mix polos. Polos such as this DryBlend polo shirt are designed to wick away moisture from the skin; allowing the wearer to stay dry and cool. I really like these 

  • SoftShell Jackets – If budgets allow, these soft shell jackets are smarter and more popular than fleeces. Some are also waterproof which is very useful; it means you don’t need a fleece plus another waterproof layer in order to keep dry. I think they look so much more stylish too.

  • Breathable Shirts And one of my favourite recent developments is breathable shirts. These moisture wicking shirts only became available last year and they are brilliant. They look smart and they keep you cool and comfortable; ideal for hospitality, whether it's a restaurant, hotel or cafe. Just take a look

Breathable hats... to top it all off!

Hats in hot or cold weather are a must, whether they’re for protection or insulation. BUT try to wear a hat made of non-breathable material for a long time and you end up uncomfortable and with a serious case of hat hair!

Traditionally, the ‘breathable’ option was cotton, but cotton doesn’t wick away moisture so well. The good news is that some new fabrics can help conceal perspiration and are more pleasant to wear. 

  • Breathable caps – If you wear a cap already, consider changing to a breathable one. These look great and have brilliant wicking properties, and just imagine what that can do for hat hair.


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