What brands stand out for you? Memorable corporate brands

What brands stand out for you? Memorable Corporate Brands

What brands stand out for you? Memorable Corporate Brands

In our previous blog article we looked at the importance of corporate branding and how it can have a huge impact on the growth of your business. I picked out some of the key benefits of developing a powerful corporate brand; for a recap read the article Corporate Branding – Why You Shouldn’t Ignore It.

Popular Brands

We can all reel off a list of popular brands without having to think about it too much, and I bet as you say each of their names you automatically bring to mind their logo, tagline or company images associated with each one. That’s how influential corporate branding can be.

What are the triggers for the brands in your list? It may be trust and reputation, how popular and trendy the company is right now or whether you own one of its products or services. Regardless of the reasons for your list all of the corporate brands you think of are easily identifiable. Businesses work hard at making sure you remember them and pick them over their competitors. Don’t be afraid to promote your logo and tagline. Create a company image that sets you out from your competitors. Be seen by your customers!

When I thought about some of the top corporate brands I know the list included Apple, Google, McDonalds, Virgin, Amazon, Royal Mail, Facebook and Coca Cola; quite a mix of different industries. You can easily recall their logos, products and services, and possibly adverts they have released (Coca Cola Christmas TV adverts), their premises (McDonalds restaurants) or staff uniforms (the postie!).


Market analysts Superbrands commissioned independent research to identify the UK’s strongest brands for consumers (B2C) and businesses (B2B), which was published in March this year. The lists make for some interesting reading.

British airways was ranked top for both consumers and businesses. Both Cadburys and Marks & Spencer lost their place from the list this year. M&S has been on the list since 2009, and to make things worse their rival John Lewis re-entered this year in sixth position for consumers, after not appearing on the list since 2012.

Virgin made its way into the consumer list this year and stayed in the business list but moved up from ninth to third.

Surprisingly social media giants Facebook and Twitter still fail to make the list and Google dropped from seventh to 18th place. However, Apple climbed four places from 14th to 10th and Microsoft also rose from sixth to fourth, so it’s not all doom and gloom for tech firms.

We were also shocked to not see Amazon in the top 20 for both lists. The online retailer was 13th in 2014 on the consumer list. Dyson and Fairy were new to the list this year – are we doing more cleaning!

Consumer Superbrands 2015

Business Superbrands 2015

1. British Airways

1. British Airways

2. Rolex

2. Apple

3. BBC

3. Virgin Atlantic

4. Microsoft

4. Microsoft

5. Nike

5. Visa

6. John Lewis

6. MasterCard

7. Gillette

7. Google

8. Mercedes-Benz

8. FedEx

9. Kellogg’s

9. IBM

10. Apple

10. Samsung

11. LEGO

11. Johnson & Johnson

12. Andrex

12. BT

13. Boots

13. Rolls-Royce Group

14. Dyson

14. American Express

15. Coca-Cola

15. Royal Mail

16. Fairy

16. PayPal

17. BMW

17. BP

18. Google

18. Shell

19. Häagen-Dazs

19. Bosch

20. Virgin Atlantic

20. Boeing

Let me know your thoughts on the corporate brands above and what you think is key to getting your company on a list of the most memorable brands.

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