What are the best positions for branding on clothing?

What are the best positions for branding on clothing?

What are the best positions for branding on clothing?

One of the most commonly asked questions we’re asked is ‘where is the best position for branding on clothing?’. So here goes; this is the 101 to brand positioning!

  • Left chest – This is the most common spot to position your logo as people are used to seeing logos here and it works well for corporates who don’t want a huge logo splashed across the front. It’s subtle yet effective and usually works well with zips and buttons on clothing such as polos, shirts and fleeces. If there is a pocket on the left chest position, we advise printing or embroidering the logo just above it.

  • Right chest – This position is definitely not as common as the left chest but of course, it can be done! It works for those who would like a name or job role included and also if there are two logos - one on the left chest and one on the right. Most chest logos are around 9cm wide but, depending on the logo, it is possible to go a lot smaller to say, 3cm wide, or larger to around 12cm wide.

  • Sleeves – Printing or embroidering your logo on the sleeve is another option if you have two logos, such as a sister company or a logo of an association you are a member of. You may also want to personalise your clothing even more with one on the left chest as well as the right sleeve. This position works for most tops including polo shirts, t-shirts and tunics. It is usually a few inches from the bottom of the sleeve and can also work for long-sleeve items like fleeces or hoodies, where it will be in roughly the same position as it would on the short sleeve.

  • Upper back/across shoulders – For maximum logo exposure or just a little more personalisation, a logo can also be repeated on the upper back area. Want to include your website address or motto? This is the place. Clothing made for events or for a big product/business launche often make use of this position. We advise print rather than embroidery here to keep the costs down and also to allow for the larger size - the max embroidery width is 22cm whereas the print is 35cm. Another more subtle option for the back is to go for the same size logo on the left chest and repeat this just under the nape of the collar. This is ideal for embroidery and if you are personalising fleece, embroidery is your only option.

  • Lower back – If you would like to include a punchy tagline or motto, the lower back is also a great spot. This is usually a print and can be done on most garments, whether it's a t-shirt, jacket or hivis vest.

  • Legs – If you’re looking for personalised clothing for clubs or societies, down the leg on tracksuit bottoms or joggers is a popular option. Go for the club name or individual names and surnames and ask that they are printed for maximum effect. For cargo pants or workwear, embroidering logos above the back pocket or just below the waist pocket on one leg really reinforces the company's image and looks very professional and smart.

  • Caps and beanies – You can print or embroider on caps or beanies - our choice would be to embroider as this tends to be most effective. Logos, nicknames, websites or mottos all stand out well and you can choose the front, back, sides or a combination. For caps, remember the space on the back is smaller due to the semi-circle above the fastening.

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