Back to school; back to work

Back to school; back to work

Back to school; back to work

Back to school; back to work

September inevitably brings with it a back-to-school feeling. It signals the end of the holidays; the end of summer… and so while it’s the end of one phase of the year, it’s the beginning of the next!

So new school uniforms are the talk of mums everywhere. The children are excited about wearing their new school stuff: they're getting out their new stationery sets, and are itching to wear their new kit. If they're doing it, then why not you too?

Get back to work and give yourself a lift by turning up in your smart new outfits!


Back to nursery and preschool

Children's polo shirts

For people working in nurseries and preschools, you’ll be embarking on your new term along with your wards.

Teachers and keyworkers have a tough job and need a uniform that will be durable, and that will wash well. We have polo shirts, t-shirts, fleeces, windbreakers and gilets that will suit that purpose very well. In fact, we’ve dedicated a whole section to that industry!

And children too – many preschools and nurseries offer their pupils t-shirts and jumpers or fleeces that carry the nursery logo. Again, these need to be hardwearing and infinitely washable!


Teachers back to schoolBack to school teachers

One tip I read recently on coping with going back to work struck me: we only have a certain amount of energy to put into things. Why not take out the effort required for choosing an outfit every day?

We waste a lot of time comparing ourselves with others, and a uniform for staff helps eliminate that waste. Teachers at schools don’t just dress to look professional, they know that their outfits will also come under scrutiny from pupils too – what a challenge!

We can help you choose a uniform for your teachers either for day-to-day wear, or for events such as sports days or parent teacher evenings.

Back to universityFlannel pants

Is it just me or did lecturers wear whatever they wanted to wear at University?!

But then there are the campus staff, and people who need to look like they are official representatives of the university. Branded polo shirts and fleeces are a very easy and simple way to do that.

And of course there are the students too: clothes for both sets of people need to be durable and very easy to wash. We have a range of varsity wear as well as very funky flannel pants!

Back to workCampania Ladies Long Sleeve Striped Shirt

Those emails and phone calls are waiting for many of us in abundance after the holiday period. And for many, it’s hard to get back into it.

Motivating yourself into work mode can be helped by feeling ready for the role. What will you be wearing? What will your team be wearing?

From suited and booted, to site workwear, we can make sure everyone is fit for purpose!

Making a first positive step to getting everyone looking the part, whether at work, school or university, will help you feel ready, and help your team feel ready for the challenges ahead.

We have such a large range of workwear that it would be a long old blog if I tried to list them here. But please do search our website according to industry to find the clothing that we have selected to suit your needs.

And if you can’t quite find what you’re looking for, then please do pick up the phone 01844 220 500 or email me for some advice.



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