Tips for Creating a Memorable Company Brand

Tips for Creating a Memorable Company Brand

Does your brand stand out

Tips for Creating a Memorable Company Brand

This month we’ve already looked at the advantages of creating a corporate brand for your company and seen which are the strongest brands in the UK right now, so I thought a great follow up to this would be to provide you with some tips for a creating a memorable brand.

Nowadays most brands are aiming for continuous engagements with their consumers. Businesses realise how important brand loyalty is for them to grow, especially in today’s market where you can find pretty much anything you want on the internet. A truly great brand can increase sales, confidence and create a lasting relationship with their clients.

Things to think about when Creating your Brand


  • Target audiencethink about who your target audience is and create your brand around them. If you try to please everyone chances are you will fail. Even if your product or service can be used by everyone, it is far easier to market to a niche group, at least in the very start. Once you have your target market, get to know and understand them; find out what’s important to them and how you can help them.

  • Streamlined corporate image – keep your corporate image consistent so people can easily recognise your brand. Have a clear and streamlined logo and corporate colour(s) and make sure it is used correctly in all of your marketing material, whether this is your company brochure, website or staff uniforms.

  • Consistent message - keep repeating the message of your brand, consistently and frequently, so people become familiar with your company and its vision. If you want your brand to portray quality and reliability make sure everything associated to the brand depicts this. Give your brand a personality and incorporate this into everything you do, from your website to your customer service.

  • Uniqueness – focus on what makes your brand unique and how you will stand out from your competitors. Use this in your marketing so people start to appreciate and remember what makes your company special.

  • Personal – it’s relatively easy to setup an e-commerce website and put a load of products on there and hope people will buy, but are you missing the human element? Make your brand open and inviting and people will want to interact with you. Give your brand a personal level and you’ll be able to start conversations with your customers and build relationships.


Hopefully the tips above will help you on your journey to create a brilliant and memorable corporate brand. We believe having the right corporate image is essential for a growing company and we love working with companies who want to improve theirs. Contact us for a chat about your company’s corporate clothing needs and see how we can help you stand out.


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