Bespoke Ties & Business Scarves

At Corporate Wear, in addition to our stock styles we also offer a fully bespoke service for ties and business scarves. This means you can personalise them to meet the exact requirements of your company profile, whether they form part of your staff uniform or are used as corporate gifts.

bespoke corporate ties and scarvesThe bespoke process allows you complete control over the colour, design and size of the garments. We are able to pantone match the fabrics to suit your brand identity. Logos can be either dye printed or woven into the fabric, and can be postioned where ever you would like them. Many people opt for a single logo but you can also have it repeated throughout the fabric. Take a look at some of the branding options opposite.

Bespoke scarves tend to have dye printed logos or patterns where the fabric is dyed to those pantones rather than printing the logo on top.

Bespoke ties can also be dye printed but many people opt for a woven logo. The logo is woven into the fabric during production. This prevents the underside of the thread showing on the reverse of the tie. It also means that very small and detailed designs can be achieved, which can be an issue with embroidery on to stock ties.

In addition to having your logo we can also create any design you want, whether its a check pattern, stripe or dots. If you aren't sure quite what you want why not give us a quick brief and your corporate colours and we can come up with some designs. One of our customers did just this and we created the following designs; you'll see there's no end to what can be produced.

bespoke tie designsTies and scarves can be either polyester or 100% silk. You can further personalise your ties by having your own label or self loop on the back of the tie, as well as bespoke presentation boxes.

We also offer clip on ties and cravats as an alternative, which are great for the security industry, and very popular with airlines and transportation companies. We are able to make bespoke cravats, bow ties and cumberbunds if you require these as well.

Creating your own bespoke tie or scarf can give your company image the edge. If you would like further information and advice please call us on 01844 220 500 or email

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